Debugging Setup (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Windows CE supports various levels of debugging support on both Debug and Release configurations of OS designs.

In This Section

Levels of Debugging Support
Describes the different levels of debugging support available with Debug or Release configurations of OS designs and run-time images.
Compiler and Linker Options for Debugging
Describes compiler options and linker options that can affect debugging.
Setting Options for the Debugger
Describes how to set the display options used by the kernel debugger.
Setting the Source Path Mapping
Describes how to set a mapping between PDB files generated by the compiler and source code files.
Changing How the Debugger Handles Exceptions
Describes how to choose whether the debugger breaks on an exception or on a category of exceptions.
Updating the List of Modules for Debugging
Describes how to refresh the list of modules that are available for debugging with the kernel debugger without rebuilding.

Related Sections

Setting Debug Message Options
Describes how to set options to include process and thread identifiers in debug messages.
Build System
Describes how to use the Windows CE build system.
Core Connectivity Infrastructure
Describes the connectivity infrastructure for debugging.

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