Connecting to a Target Device with a Remote Tool (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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To use a remote tool, you must establish a connection between your development workstation and a target device. The first time you start a remote tool, you must select a device. A device is a Platform Manager object that stores information that allows Platform Manager to connect to a physical target device. For information about changing the settings for a device, see Configuring the Connection to a Target Device Using Platform Manager.

If you use the serial kernel transport to connect to a target device, you must follow specific steps to configure Platform Manager to connect a remote tool to the target device. For information about establishing application connectivity over the serial kernel transport, see Connecting a Remote Tool Over the Serial Kernel Transport. For general information about using a kernel transport for application connectivity, see KITL Transport.

After you select a device, Platform Manager uses the information stored in the device to connect the remote tool to the physical target device. The next time you start a remote tool during your session, Platform Manager displays a dialog box that allows you to connect to the physical target device using the device that you selected. If you do not want Platform Manager to connect the remote tool to this particular target device, you can manually select a different device.

Note   If there is an existing connection between Platform Builder and the target device, verify that the target device can access files on the development workstation. Remote tools require access to these files. In the Target Connectivity Options dialog box, choose Core Service Settings, and then verify that the Enable access to desktop files check box is selected. For more information about the Target Connectivity Options dialog box, see Target Connectivity Options Dialog Box.

To connect to a target device with a remote tool

  1. Configure the connection to the target device using Platform Manager.
  2. From the Connection menu of the remote tool window, choose Connect to Device.
    Note   For the Remote File Viewer tool and the Remote Registry Editor tool, from the Connection menu, choose Add Connection.
  3. Expand the Windows CE Default Platform node.
  4. Choose Default Device.

    - or -

    Choose the custom name, if you created a device under a custom name in the Windows CE Platform Manager Configuration dialog box.

  5. Choose OK.

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