Calculation of Averages (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Remote Performance Monitor calculates a statistical average by taking the sum of the formatted counter values and dividing that sum by the number of samplings taken.

A statistical average is a valuable unit of measure in situations where the data collected varies wildly from sample to sample.

For example, PERF_COUNTER_LARGE_RAWCOUNT exposes data that varies from sampling to sampling. Calculating a statistical average for this counter provides data that is more reflective of the performance measured by this counter than the individual sampling values.

For rate counters, where rates increase as resources are used, a fast calculation of the average is ((Xn-X0)/(Yn-Y0))/TB where

  • X is the CounterData
  • Y is the time the sampling was taken
  • n is the number of samplings taken

The result is the average usage per second.

For information about the symbols in this formula, see Performance Counter Key.

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