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Many speech recognizers are speaker-dependent. This means that accuracy varies according to the user's speaking patterns and accent. To ensure the most accurate recognition, the application must create or access a speaker profile that contains information about the user's speech patterns. Windows Mobile provides an optional speech UI for speaker-dependent speech on Pocket PCs. You can use the UI to create, edit, delete, and manage voice tags.

The following table shows the speech support provided for Windows Mobile-based devices.

Support Description
Speaker-dependent plug-in You can use a speaker-dependent engine plug-in using the standard programming interface (SAPI Lite) on a Pocket PC and Smartphone.
Voice tag training UI You can use the common user interface (UI) for speech recognition voice tag for training on the Contacts menu. You are not allowed to change or customize the UI. This is the same UI that is used for Smartphone.

The default is off on Pocket PC.

Optional Speech support You can enable or disable speech support on Pocket PCs.
SAPI Lite API SAPI-Lite is a lightweight wrapper for the speech recognition engine that you can implement to support voice recognition functionality on the Smartphone.

The same SAPI Lite API is supported on Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Note   The SAPI Lite API is available only to OEMs and is not included in the public software development kit (SDK).

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