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One provisioning XML file typically contains configuration information for multiple Configuration Service Providers.

The following example shows the general format of a provisioning document for OMA Client Provisioning:

Security Note   Configuration data is not encrypted when sent over the air (OTA) over a WAP push. Be aware of this potential security risk when sending sensitive configuration data, such as passwords.
   <characteristic type="Root-level CSP1">
      <characteristic type="1st-level Characteristic">
         <parm name="ParmName" value="ParmValue"/>
   <characteristic type="Root-level CSP2">
      <characteristic type="1st-level Characteristic">
         <parm name="ParmName" value="ParmValue"/>

In this example, the first entry under the top-level OMA Client Provisioning document element is the characteristic element, which refers to a specific Configuration Service Provider. In this example, two Configuration Service Providers are used: Root-level CSP1 and Root-level CSP2. Also, each of the Configuration Service Providers has characteristics to further group settings. Within the characteristic, a parameter name and value holds the setting information.

Characteristics and parameters are documented for each Configuration Service Provider. For more information, see the desired Configuration Service Provider in Configuration Service Provider Reference for Windows Mobile-Based Devices.

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