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This method is called just after invoking the IMalloc::GetSize method.

ULONG PostGetSize(
  ULONG cbActual, 
  BOOL fSpyed 


[in] Actual number of bytes in the allocation, as returned by IMalloc::GetSize.
[in] TRUE if the allocation was done while a spy was active, otherwise FALSE.

Return Values

The same value returned by IMalloc::GetSize, which is the size of the allocated memory block in bytes.


The size determined by IMalloc::GetSize is the value returned by the Win32 function HeapSize. Implementers of IMallocSpy::PostGetSize cannot assume that if cbActual is sizeof(debug_header), the value is the actual size of the user's allocation.

To determine whether the platform supports this interface, see Determining Supported COM APIs.


OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.
Header: Objidl.h, Objidl.idl.
Link Library: Ole32.lib

See Also

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