HookInterrupt (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This function registers an interrupt service routine (ISR) with the kernel specifying a particular hardware interrupt indicated by its interrupt request (IRQ) line value.

BOOL HookInterrupt( 
  int hwIntNumber, 
  FARPROC pfnHandler 


[in] Hardware interrupt line. Note that this value indicates the actual hardware IRQ value and not the logical interrupt identifier.
[in] Pointer to the ISR that is to handle interrupts for the specified IRQ.

Return Values

TRUE indicates success; FALSE indicates failure.


This function is only called by the OEM in the OEM adaptation layer (OAL). The OEMInit function is typically used to initialize all ISRs.

Note   Not used by ARM as there is only one interrupt.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.10 and later.
Header: Nkintr.h.
Link Library: Nk.lib.

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