ISAXContentHandler:IUnknown (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The ISAXContentHandler interface receives notification of the logical content of a document. This is the main interface implemented by most Simple API for XML (SAX) applications. If the application must be informed of basic parsing events, it implements this interface and registers an instance with the XML Reader using the putContentHandler method. The reader then uses this instance to report basic document-related events, such as the start of elements, the end of elements, and character data.

Note   Only one content handler can be registered at a time.

This interface handles events passed by the SAXXMLReader. The order of events handled by ISAXContentHandler follows the order of the information within the document being parsed. For example, the ISAXContentHandler interface handles all of an element's content, including character data, processing instructions, and subelements, in order after first handling the startElement event and before handling the endElement event.

charactersThis method receives notification of character data.
endDocumentThis method receives notification of the end of a document.
startDocumentThis method receives notification of the beginning of a document.
endElementThis method receives notification of the end of an element.
startElementThis method receives notification of the beginning of an element.
ignorableWhitespaceThis method receives notification of ignorable white space in element content. This method is not called in the current implementation because the SAX2 implementation is non-validating.
endPrefixMappingThis method ends the scope of a prefix-URI name space mapping.
startPrefixMappingThis method begins the scope of a prefix-URI name space mapping.
processingInstructionThis method receives notification of a processing instruction.
putDocumentLocatorThis method receives an interface for locating the origin of SAX document events.
skippedEntityThis method receives notification of a skipped entity.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Msxml2.h, Msxml2.idl.
Link Library: Uuid.lib.

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