NDIS Packet Capturing OS Development (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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NDIS Packet Capturing for Microsoft® Windows® CE captures network traffic so that it can be read by the Microsoft Windows Network Monitor (NetMon).

OS Design Information

The following table shows operating system design information for NDIS Packet Capturing.

Concepts Description
Hardware considerations None

Modules and Components

The following table shows the components and modules that implement NDIS Packet Capturing.

Item ModuleComponent
NDIS Packet Capturingnetlog, netlogctlNone

NDIS Packet Capturing Implementation Considerations

You can include NDIS Packet Capturing in your OS design by choosing the Catalog item from the Catalog. Choosing this Catalog item sets the appropriate Sysgen variable.

The following table shows the Sysgen variables that enable NDIS Packet Capturing.

Sysgen variable Functionality
SYSGEN_NETLOGWhen this variable is set, the Netlog (Netlog.exe) and Netlogctl (Netlogctl.exe) sample command-line tools are included in the run-time image.

For more information, see Netlog and Netlogctl.

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