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Modifying Event Registrations

Exchange Server 2003

Modifying Event Registrations

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You change registrations by modifying and saving the original event registration item.

Enumerating Event Registrations

You can enumerate event registrations programmatically, or you can use The RegEvent Script. For an example of programmatic enumeration of event registrations, see Enumerating Event Registrations for a Folder.

Deleting an Event Registration

You can remove an event registration by deleting the event registration item. Deleting a folder removes all event registrations in the folder and subfolders.

Moving or Copying an Event Registration

If you move or copy an event registration, it automatically registers in the new location.

Stopping or Starting an Event Registration

You do not have to delete an event registration to prevent it from providing notification. Instead, you can set the enabled property of the event registration to FALSE.

Setting the enabled property to TRUE will start the event registration again.

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