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COM+ Applications

Exchange Server 2003

COM+ Applications

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You can wrap the event sink, which is a Component Object Model (COM) class, in a COM+ application (previously called an MTS package). A COM+ application can provide a user context for the event to run in. This is useful because the event may now access the store with the security privileges of the COM+ application without having to log on.

Note  COM+ application wrappers can have only one security context per registered sink class. In cases where the same sink class requires different security contexts, you can wrap the sink class multiple times and register each wrapped class as a different sink class.

The Script Host Sink is a Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 object that typically must be wrapped by a COM+ application package.

It is also possible to create COM+ applications that run at startup. In some cases this can be useful for initialization purposes.

Additional Security Restrictions

Individual event sinks can enforce additional security restrictions by employing COM+ role-based security at the component, interface, or method level. For more information, see "Security in COM+" in the COM+ section of the Microsoft Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) in the MSDN® Library.

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