Additional Event Sink Interfaces
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Additional Event Sink Interfaces

Exchange Server 2003

Additional Event Sink Interfaces

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If you want further control over the registration for every event in your sink, you can implement an additional interface. You do not register for the event system to call the method that is associated with this interface. If the method is implemented in your sink, it is automatically called at the appropriate times.


The optional ICreateRegistration Interface method shown in the following table is called by the event sink source.

Name Description
Register Method Called by Microsoft® Exchange when an event registration item is saved, copied, moved, or replicated. Use this method to reject event registration requests, or to respond to registration items that have been modified, copied, moved, or replicated.

Whenever an event registration item that specifies the event sink is saved, copied, moved, or replicated, Exchange automatically queries the event sink for this interface. This gives you an opportunity to perform your own custom checks for event registration and handle event registrations when they are changed, copied, moved, or replicated.

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