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WebDAV Sample Application

Exchange Server 2003

WebDAV Sample Application

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Items in the Exchange store can be accessed remotely by using the WebDAV protocol, defined in RFC 2518. This protocol extends the HTTP 1.1 protocol, defined by RFC 2616, to provide additional methods and capabilities. It provides a means to access both the contents of an item and an extensible set of associated properties. Some of the methods defined by the protocol are the MOVE Method, the COPY Method, the DELETE Method, and the MKCOL Method.

WebDAV Sample Application Components

The WebDAV sample application consists of an ASP page that may be used to copy, move, or delete resources; to create a collection; or to list resources.

Note  This sample application is intended for instructional purposes and is not meant to be installed in a production environment.

The following topics provide more information about the WebDAV sample application.

Navigating the WebDAV Sample Application Source Code

Setting Up the WebDAV Sample Application

Using the WebDAV Sample Application