Messaging Sample Application
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Messaging Sample Application

Exchange Server 2003

Messaging Sample Application

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Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 provides a powerful platform for users to send and receive electronic messages. The CDO for Exchange 2000 Server (CDOEX) Component Object Model (COM) component provides a set of COM classes that you can use in your application to create, access, modify, and send messages in Internet standard formats. CDOEX messaging objects can directly bind to messages in the Exchange store by using the Exchange OLE DB (ExOLEDB) provider, and can send, forward, and reply to messages as well as add attachments to messages.

Messaging Sample Application Components

The Messaging sample application consists of a Microsoft Visual Basic® executable that can be used to send, forward, and reply to messages. The Messaging sample application can also add attachments to messages and provides a view of the messages in a specified mailbox store.

Note  This sample application is intended for instructional purposes and is not meant to be installed in a production environment.

The following topics provide more information about the Messaging sample application.

Navigating the Messaging Sample Application Source Code

Setting Up the Messaging Sample Application

Using the Messaging Sample Application

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