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Calendaring Sample Application

Exchange Server 2003

Calendaring Sample Application

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Calendaring is the process of creating and maintaining appointments and meetings. Appointments and meetings are stored in calendars, which are folders in the Exchange store. An appointment represents an activity that takes place on a particular date at a particular time. A meeting is an appointment that involves more than one person. See the Calendaring Introduction for more information.

Calendaring Sample Application Components

The Calendaring sample application consists of a Microsoft® Visual Basic® executable file that can display all of the user's appointments and meetings, create and send new appointments and meetings, and delete appointments and meetings. The Calendaring sample application can also be used for Creating Recurring Appointments and Meetings.

Note  This sample application is intended for instructional purposes and is not meant to be installed in a production environment.

The following topics provide more information about the Calendaring sample application.

Navigating the Calendaring Sample Application Source Code

Setting Up the Calendaring Sample Application

Using the Calendaring Sample Application