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Collaborative Applications for Exchange Server

Exchange Server 2003

Collaborative Applications for Exchange Server

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You can build many types of collaborative applications on the Exchange store, such as Messaging applications, Workflow applications, and applications that allow users to communicate in real time. Many collaborative applications implement more than one type of technology, such as a workflow application that sends e-mail messages.

An example of a collaborative application built on the Exchange store is Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001. SharePoint Portal Server is a portal solution that helps users find, share, and publish information. SharePoint Portal Server integrates a Web portal, content indexing and search, document management, and a collaborative applications platform. You can program for SharePoint Portal Server using the Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO) and Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) object models in the Exchange store.

For examples of collaborative applications that you can build for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, see Solutions.