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Manifest of a Collection

Exchange Server 2003

Manifest of a Collection

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The Manifest of a Collection is the list of changes in a collection that is provided by the server to the client. The client obtains the Manifest of a Collection using the SEARCH Method. The server presents the manifest to the client in an order that will guarantee the client of the integrity of the collection if the client were to process the changes in the order that it received from the server. It is recommended that the client process the manifest in the order specified by the server. However, the client can choose to process the manifest partially or in any order it chooses, but the client must guarantee the integrity of the collection or collection hierarchy.

See the following scenarios for more information:

Client Needs to Fetch a Manifest

Client Needs to Fetch an Updated Manifest

Client Has Processed Some Items and Needs an Updated Manifest

Server Has No Changed Items for the Client

Client Submits an Invalid collblob