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Exchange Server 2003


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CDO for Exchange Management (CDOEXM) provides the fundamental Component Object Model (COM) classes and interfaces that are used to manage the Exchange store. To use the CDOEXM objects, the Microsoft® Exchange Admininstative Tools must be installed on the computer. The topics in the following sections describe these CDOEXM COM classes and interfaces.

CDO for Exchange Management Objects

COM Classes



Important  Because of issues with multiple-hop authentication and unexpected results observed in multithreaded runtime environments, Microsoft does not support using CDOEXM in Microsoft ASP.NET pages, ASP Web pages or in Web services. To create Web-based Exchange management applications that use CDOEXM functionality, Microsoft recommends wrapping CDOEXM in a Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) package and calling that package from your application.
Note   The CDOEXM version that ships with Exchange Server 2003 must be used when accessing Exchange Server 2003. The Exchange Server 2003 CDOEXM can also be used to access Exchange 2000 Server. The CDOEXM library that ships with Exchange 2000 Server is not supported for accessing Exchange Server 2003.