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Grammars help transform a standard ASP.NET Web application into a speech-enabled ASP.NET Web application. Speech applications that are built using the Microsoft Speech Application SDK Version 1.1 (SASDK) combine a speech recognition engine with grammars to recognize user speech. Grammars are the key components that a developer requires to enable speech functionality in speech applications for the SASDK.

Speech grammars define all of the words or phrases that a user can say to an application. Without these grammars, a speech recognition engine could not recognize user speech. In addition to defining the guidelines for user speech, grammars implement semantic interpretation to associate spoken words or phrases with meaningful application data.

DTMF grammars recognize dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) inputs from telephone keypads, and associate these inputs with application data. Authors can create dialogs that use a speech grammar and a dtmf grammar at the same time. Users of such dialogs can provide input either by speaking or by pressing appropriate telephone keys.

Although speech grammars and DTMF grammars can be used at the same time, they must remain functionally separate. DTMF-mode grammar files recognize DTMF input, and voice-mode grammar files recognize speech input. Do not reference DTMF-mode grammar rules within voice-mode grammars, and do not reference voice-mode grammars rules within DTMF-mode grammars.

Adding Speech Functionality to a Web Application

Add speech functionality to a regular ASP.NET Web application by binding grammars to the QA, Command, or Listen Microsoft ASP.NET Speech Controls in Speech Control Editor. Bind grammars to Speech Controls by attaching individual grammar files, or by typing inline grammar text.

Grammar Tools

Speech Grammar Editor, included in the SASDK, provides a graphical interface for creating and maintaining the rules that comprise grammar files. To help grammar authors create rule definitions, Speech Grammar Editor uses drag-and-drop graphical elements that map to recognition functionality.

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