Handling Client-side Events

Speech Server 2004 R2
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Developers may want to associate event handlers with certain client-side events related to a QA control, such as when Speech Application Platform (Speech Platform) detects no recognition, or when execution of a QA control is complete. Specify these event handler functions on the QA Property Builder.

To specify event handlers associated with a QA control

  1. Right-click a QA control on an .aspx page, and on the shortcut menu, click Property Builder to open the General panel of the QA Property Builder.
  2. In the tree view pane on the left, under the Events heading, click General.
  3. Type the names of event handlers for the listed events.
  4. Click Apply to save changes.

For more information regarding the Events panel of the QA Property Builder, click Help.

Responding to Client Disconnects

If Telephony Application Services is deployed on a system using an analog telephony card, user hang ups may go undetected. In this case, the SALT application might continue repeating the dialogue until the next process or application domain recycle. The ideal case is that the application monitors the number of attempts to get a successful recognition, and terminates after that number is exceeded. Use the History property of the QA Client Object to see how many times the QA control has been activated on the client.

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