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sendusername Field

Exchange Server 2003

sendusername Field

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The username used in conjunction with the sendpassword field when authenticating to a SMTP or Microsoft Exchange HTTP service over the network.

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This field is only relevant if the field is set to cdoSendUsingPort (2) or cdoSendUsingExchange (3). For more information, see the CdoSendUsing Enum. If Microsoft Outlook Express is installed, the value from the default account is used.

When sending messages using Exchange, this value should be the user's user principal name (UPN). This value, along with the password in the sendpassword field, is used to authenticate with Microsoft Active Directory and remote Exchange Server 2003WebDAV services. If the is not set in the Configuration object, Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) uses this UPN to find the Exchange server on which this user's mailbox resides.


Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 compatible format

User principal name format