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languagecode Field

Exchange Server 2003

languagecode Field

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The languagecode field specifies the language code that is used to localize message response text that is inserted when you reply to or forward a message.

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Response text is only generated if the field is set to TRUE.

The format of the language codes is defined in RFC 1766 and are used to identify the language code identifier (LCID) value for a particular locale. The language codes supported by CDO for Exchange 2000 Server (CDOEX) are listed in the following table.

Language LCID Decimal (Hex) RFC 1766 code
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) 1025 (0x401) ar-sa
Bulgarian 1026 (0x402) bg
Catalan 1027 (0x403) ca
Chinese 1028 (0x404) zh-tw
Czech 1029 (0x405) cs
Danish 1030 (0x406) da
German 1031 (0x407) de
Greek 1032 (0x408) el
US English 1033 (0x409) en-us
Finnish 1035 (0x40B) fi
French 1036 (0x40C) fr
Hebrew 1037 (0x40D) he
Hungarian 1038 (0x40E) hu
Italian 1040 (0x410) it
Japanese 1041 (0x411) ja
Korean 1042 (0x412) ko
Dutch 1043 (0x413) nl
Norwegian 1044 (0x414) no
Polish 1045 (0x415) pl
Portuguese (Brazil) 1046 (0x416) pt-br
Romanian 1048 (0x418) ro
Russian 1049 (0x419) ru
Croation 1050 (0x41A) hr
Slovak 1051 (0x41B) sk
Swedish 1053 (0x41D) sv
Thai 1054 (0x41E) th
Turkish 1055 (0x41F) tr
Ukranian 1058 (0x422) uk
Slovenian 1060 (0x424) sl
Estonian 1061 (0x425) et
Latvian 1062 (0x426) lv
Lithuanian 1063 (0x427) lt
Basque 1069 (0x42D) eu
Chinese 2052 (0x804) zh-cn
Potruguese (Portugal) 2070 (0x816) pt
Serbian* 2074 (0x81A) sr
Spanish 3082 (0xC0A) es

Note  Serbian (sr) is only supported in versions of CDOEX shipped with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and later.