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Keywords Property

Exchange Server 2003

Keywords Property

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A list of keywords for this message.

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Type Library

Microsoft CDO for Exchange 2000 Library

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        [Visual Basic]Property Keywords As String
        [C++]HRESULT get_Keywords(BSTRpVal);
HRESULT put_Keywords(BSTR Val);


Returns the value of the Keywords property as a reference to a BSTR.
Sets the value of the Keywords property to the value of the BSTR.


This property is also available as the keywords Field.

A message's keywords can be useful in determining if the message is of interest to the reader, or in searching for relevant messages in a collection.

The string in the Keywords property can represent a single keyword or multiple keywords. A keyword string can optionally contain spaces:

"1997 payroll"

Multiple keywords in the list are separated by commas:

operating systems, Windows NT, functions

Because the comma is this field's delimiter, a keyword cannot contain a comma. Attempting to add a keyword containing a comma will result in two keywords, separated by the comma.

The selection of keywords is at the discretion of the messaging users that post and read the message.

The default value of Keywords is an empty string.

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