HTMLBodyPart Property
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HTMLBodyPart Property

Exchange Server 2003

HTMLBodyPart Property

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The BodyPart object containing the HTML representation of the message. This property is read-only.

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Microsoft CDO for Exchange 2000 Library

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        [Visual Basic]Property HTMLBodyPart As IBodyPart
        [C++]HRESULT get_HTMLBodyPart(IBodyPart** pVal);


Returned reference to an IBodyPart Interface.


The HTMLBodyPart property can be used to quickly access a reference to the BodyPart object that contains the HTML portion of the message (if any). That is, rather than having to enumerate the BodyPart hierarchy of the message seeking the object with Content-Type set to "text/html," you can use HTMLBodyPart to return a reference immediately. A similar mechanism is available for the text/plain portion of the message (if any) using the IMessage.TextBody and IMessage.TextBodyPart properties.

The content of the BodyPart object referenced by HTMLBodyPart can be updated using the IMessage.HTMLBody property. The HTMLBody property can only be used to update the contents, not the mail headers themselves.

CDO returns an error if the body part does not exist.

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