This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CDO Workflow for Exchange 2000 Server Error Codes

Exchange Server 2003

CDO Workflow for Exchange 2000 Server Error Codes

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

This section contains the custom error codes used by CDO for Workflow (CDOWF). All of these values are available as constants in the CdoWfErrors type library module.

Error values are 32 bit values whose structure is depicted here:

   3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
   1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
  |Sev|C|R|     Facility          |               Code            |

Reading this depiction from left-to-right, the severity code, Sev, is one of the following values:

  • 00 – Success
  • 01 – Informational
  • 10 – Warning
  • 11 – Error

Followed by:

C — The customer code flag.

R — A reserved bit.

Facility — The facility code.

Code — The facility's status code.

Error Name Value Remarks
CDOWF_E_UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION FF8004060B Uncaught exception.
CDOWF_E_ADVANCE_EMPTY_CURSTATE FF8004060C Advance called without a current state, and the event type is not OnCreate.
CDOWF_CANT_CONVERT_SMTP_TO_SID FF8004060D The e-mail address <%1> could not be mapped to a user account.
CDOWF_CANT_OBTAIN_DOMAINEXSERVERS_SID FF8004060E Cannot obtain the security descriptor of the Exchange Domain Servers group.
CDOWF_E_EMPTY_NEWSTATE FF8004060F ActionTable row %1: NewState must be valid.
CDOWF_E_NONEMPTY_NEWSTATE FF80040610 ActionTable row %1: NewState must be empty.
CDOWF_E_EMPTY_CURSTATE FF80040611 ActionTable row %1: State must be valid.
CDOWF_E_NONEMPTY_CURSTATE FF80040612 ActionTable row %1: State must be empty.
CDOWF_E_INVALID_EVENTTYPE FF80040613 ActionTable row %1: Invalid event type.
CDOWF_ADVANCE_INVALID_EVENTTYPE FF80040614 Invalid event type.
CDOWF_E_EMPTY_EVENTTYPE FF80040615 ActionTable row %1: Event type required.
CDOWF_E_EMPTY_CONDITION FF80040616 ActionTable row %1: Condition required.
CDOWF_E_ROW_INVALID_FLAGS FF80040617 ActionTable row %1: Flags invalid.
CDOWF_E_ROW_INVALID_EXPIRY FF80040618 ActionTable row %1: Expiry interval invalid.
CDOWF_E_PROCDEF_MISSING FF80040619 This ProcessInstance method requires a valid ProcessDefinition to be loaded.
CDOWF_E_SAVE_ITEM FF8004061A Cannot save the item to a row that is a collection.
CDOWF_E_OPEN_ITEM FF8004061B Cannot open the item on a row that is a collection.
CDOWF_EMPTY_ACTIONTABLE FF8004061C ActionTable does not exist on this ProcessDefinition.
CDOWF_E_INVALID_FLAGS FF8004061D The supplied transition flags are not valid.
CDOWF_E_INVALID_COND_RESULT FF8004061E A condition must return either true or false.
CDOWF_E_WFSESSION_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND FF8004061F The requested WorkflowSession property does not exist: %1.
CDOWF_E_INVALID_COMMONSCRIPT FF80040620 The common script specified on the ProcessDefinition was either incorrect or couldn't be loaded: <%1> .
CDOWF_ERROR_READING_COMMONSCRIPT FF80040621 The common script specified on the ProcessDefinition couldn't be loaded.
CDOWF_E_OPERATION_DISALLOWED FF80040622 The user is not allowed to make this transition because the user is not a member of the role specified in the transition access control list (ACL), or that role does not exist.
CDOWF_E_TRANSITIONACL FF80040623 A transition ACL was specified for this transition, but there was an error retrieving the role, or the role does not exist.
CDOWF_E_TRANSITIONACL_NO_USE_ONEXPIRY FF80040624 ActionTable row %1: Transition access control lists (ACLs) in ActionTable rows of event type OnExpiry are not enforced.
CDOWF_E_COM_REQUIRES_PRIV FF80040625 Condition, action, or compensation Component Object Model (COM) require privileged mode to run.
CDOWF_E_BAD_ACTIONTABLE FF80040626 Cannot load row from ActionTable due to missing column or bad fields.
CDOWF_E_PI_NOT_BOUND FF80040627 Calling Advance requires that ProcessInstance be bound to a DataSource. Make sure that either Open or OpenObject was called.
CDOWF_E_INVALID_MODE FF80040628 The mode specified in ProcessDefinition is invalid.
CDOWF_E_PRIVILEGED_DENIED FF80040629 The ProcessDefinition requests privileged mode, but that mode is not allowed because the author/modifier of the ProcessDefinition document, the event registration document, or the common script document is not in the Privileged workflow Authors role.
CDOWF_E_ROLES_DISABLED FF8004062A The workflow event sink could not run because the Enforce Access Checks check box is not checked on its COM+ application property page.
CDOWF_E_DUPLICATE_ORDER FF8004062B ActionTable is invalid because of duplicate evaluation order entries.
CDOWF_E_ROW_DUPLICATE_ORDER FF8004062C ActionTable row %1: Duplicate evaluation order entry.
CDOWF_E_ROW_INVALID_SEQUENCENUMBER FF8004062D ActionTable row %1: Invalid evaluation order entry.
CDOWF_E_ROW_INVALID_SEQUENCING FF8004062E ActionTable row %1: For each (STATE, EVENTTYPE) pair, EvaluationOrder should consistently be either empty or not.
CDOWF_E_AT_NOTBOUND FF8004062F The audit trail object is not bound.
CDOWF_E_NOTBOUND FF80040630 The DataSource object is not bound to a row or record.
CDOWF_MDBROLE_DLL_NOT_LOADED FF80040631 The role support dynamic-link library (DLL) (mdbrole.dll) could not be initialized.
CDOWF_CANT_EXTRACT_SMTPADDR FF80040632 The "From" field of the received message did not contain a valid SMTP address: %1.
CDOWF_EVENTSINK_ALREADY_REGISTERED FF80040633 There is already a workflow event sink registered to fire for this folder.
CDOWF_EVENTSINK_EVENT_NOT_SUPPORTED FF80040634 The workflow event sink does not support one of the requested EventMethods. Only onsyncsave, onsyncdelete, and ontimer are supported.
CDOWF_EVENTSINK_REGISTRATION_NOT_ALLOWED FF80040635 The user who attempted to register workflow is not a member of the "Can Register workflow" role.
CDOWF_EVENTSINK_NO_GLOBAL FF80040636 The workflow event sink cannot be registered with MatchScope ANY.
CDOWF_CONNECTION_NOT_ALLOWED FF80040637 The ActiveConnection property is only available to privileged mode workflow.
CDOWF_ADVANCE_NO_RECEIVED_MESSAGE FF80040638 Advance was called with OnReceive, but there was no received message passed in.
CDOWF_ERROR_READING_ACTIONTABLE FF80040639 There was an error reading the ActionTable.
CDOWF_INVALID_EXPIRY_INTERVAL FF8004063A The ActionTable contains an invalid expiry interval.
CDOWF_INVALID_EVALUATION_ORDER FF8004063B The ActionTable contains an invalid evaluation order.
CDOWF_NO_PERM_URL FF8004063C SendWorkflowMessage cannot be called during an OnCreate transition.
CDOWF_NO_CORRELATE_PERM_DENIED FF8004063D Correlation failed due to insufficient permissions. Check that the workflow event sink has read/write permissions to all items in this folder.
CDOWF_INVALID_USER_ID FF8004063E The username was invalid: [%1].
CDOWF_INVALID_USER_SID FF8004063F The security identifier (SID) was invalid.
CDOWF_CANT_GET_SAVER_SMTP_EMAIL FF80040640 WorkflowSession.Sender: Cannot obtain SMTP address for current user.
CDOWF_INVALID_RESPONSE FF80040641 The correlated message contained a response that was not a string.
CDOWF_INVALID_WORKFLOWMESSAGEID FF80040642 The correlated message contained a tracking identifier (ID) that was either not a string or didn't match any entry in the TrackingTable.
CDOWF_NO_CONDS_MATCHED FF80040643 Advance was called with event type %1, but no matching actions were found.
CDOWF_UNKNOWN_ERROR FF80040644 Unknown error: %1.
CDOWF_INVALID_PROCDEFINITION_URL FF80040645 The ProcessDefinition URL is invalid: <%1> .
CDOWF_CANT_CREATE_AUDITTRAIL FF80040646 The audit trail specified on the ProcessDefinition was either incorrect or couldn't be created: %1.
CDOWF_INVALID_ADHOC_FLAG FF80040647 The adhoc flag specified on the ProcessDefinition is not valid.
CDOWF_ERROR_OUTSIDE_EVENTSINK FF80040648 The workflow state transition wasn't saved. Make sure that a user performing state change has appropriate permissions.
CDOWF_DEFAULTPD_REQUIRED FF80040649 The default ProcessDefinition URL on the event registration item is empty. The new process instance cannot be created.
CDOWF_DEFAULTPD_INVALID FF8004064A The default ProcessDefinition URL on the event registration item is not valid. The new process instance cannot be created.
CDOWF_ADHOC_DISALLOWED FF8004064B Adhoc workflows are disallowed for this folder. The new process instance cannot be created.
CDOWF_ADHOC_ONLY FF8004064C Only adhoc workflows are allowed for this folder. The new process instance cannot be created.
CDOWF_ONLY_HIDDEN_PD FF8004064D The ProcessDefinitionURL must point to a hidden item. The new process instance cannot be created.
CDOWF_MEMBER_NOT_FOUND FF8004064E The specified member of the collection was not found.
CDOWF_INVALID_NAME_TYPE FF8004064F The type must be either EmailAddress or Role.
CDOWF_INVALID_NAME FF80040650 The member name could not be mapped to a SID based on the given type.
CDOWF_INVALID_ROLE_SID FF80040651 The role SID could not be mapped to a role.
CDOWF_EVENTSINK_HAS_NO_MAILBOX FF80040652 The workflow is running under an account that doesn't have a mailbox, or the Connection passed to Advance is empty.
CDOWF_MESSAGE_DELETE_NOT_ALLOWED FF80040654 An action can only delete the received message during an OnReceive event type.
CDOWF_INVALID_FOLDER_URL FF80040655 The format of workflow folder URL is invalid.
CDOWF_CANT_OBTAIN_FOLDERADDR FF80040656 The e-mail address of the workflow folder cannot be obtained: the workflow folder should be either an inbox or a mail-enabled public folder.
CDOWF_NO_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY FF80040657 Microsoft® Active Directory® is not available.
CDOWF_EXPIRATION_QUERY_FAILED FF80040658 A periodic query for expired workflow items has failed. The workflow event sink might be recursively registered in a Public Folder Tree that does not support recursive queries.
CDOWF_NO_PARENT_PROCINSTANCE FF80040659 Incoming mail message from <%1> could not be correlated to an existing ProcessInstance. The ProcessInstance specified <%2> no longer exists.
CDOWF_CANT_CONVERT_SMTP_TO_REQUESTED_ATTR FF8004065A A call to GetUserProperty failed. The specified e-mail address <%1> could not be matched to an Active Directory entry.