GetUsageBlob Method

GetUsageBlob Method

Returns information about the usage of a Web site.


<Method ID="Text">
  <SetVar Name="Cmd">GetUsageBlob</SetVar>
  <SetVar Name="BlobType">[Current|Old]</SetVar>


Name = "Cmd"

Name = "BlobType"


The GetUsageBlob method returns all usage data for a site, while the GetUsageData method of the Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb class returns only 2000 records. GetUsageBlob works for both GET and POST operations, but the returned data cannot be displayed in the browser.

For more information about the GetUsageBlob method and a tool that implements this method to return usage event data, download the Usage Blob Parser. For general information about usage event logging, see Usage Event Logging in Windows SharePoint Services.


<Method ID="0,GetUsageBlob">
  <SetVar Name="Cmd">GetUsageBlob</SetVar>
  <SetVar Name="BlobType">Current</SetVar>

Return Value


Returns usage data in binary format as an octet stream.


Returns an XML-encoded Unicode (UTF-8) text string. For more information, see Error Message Format for Windows SharePoint Services for more information.

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