Microprocessor Reference
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Microprocessor Reference

Windows CE .NET

Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET includes support for a variety of microprocessor families, and provides a number of development tools that include compilers, assemblers, and intrinsic functions.

In This Section

About Supported Microprocessors
Provides an overview of the microprocessors supported in Windows CE .NET, including version changes, compiler information, and intrinsic functions.
Supported Microprocessor Families
Provides reference information on supported microprocessor families.
Intrinsic Function Reference
Provides reference information on intrinsic functions that you can use for full optimization.
Compiler Reference
Provides reference information on general compilers and compilers that are specialized for specific microprocessor families.
Assembler Reference
Provides reference information on microprocessor assembler error messages, and directive examples and macros for specific microprocessor families.

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About Platform Builder
Discusses the integrated development environment (IDE) and development tools for designing, creating, building, testing, and debugging a Windows CE–based platform.

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