Safe String Functions (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Developing an Application

String safe functions duplicate or enhance familiar string functions from the standard C run-time (CRT) library.

Many enhancements enable the string functions to work with Unicode or extended character sets.

In This Section

About Strings
Provides an overview of the different kinds of string functions in Windows CE.
StrSafe.h Buffer Handling
Describes how strsafe.h functions improve the security of buffer handling.
Using Strsafe.h
Provides information on using the strsafe.h functions without deprecating existing functions.
Safe String Reference
Provides detailed reference information about the safe string API.

Related Sections

C Run-time Libraries
Contains general information about the Microsoft C Run-time Library.
String Manipulation
Provides an overview of the C Run-time string functions, and links to reference information.

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