Microsoft C Run-time Library for Windows CE (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Developing an Application

The Microsoft C Run-Time Library for Windows CE supports a subset of the functions that are available in the full Microsoft C Run-Time Library for the desktop.

Supporting only a subset of the full library enables Windows CE to run on devices that have more limited resources than desktop computers.

In This Section

C Run-time Libraries
Contains general information about the C run-time libraries.
Run-time Routines by Category
Contains lists of the run-time routines arranged by category.
Global Variables and Standard Types
Contains definitions for global variables and standard types used by library routines.
Run-Time Library Global Constants
Contains definitions for global constants used by library routines.
Generic Text Mappings
Contains generic text mappings for data types, constants and global variables, and routine mappings.
Run-time Library Reference
Contains an alphabetical list of the C run-time functions supported by Windows CE.

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