C Run-time Libraries (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The Coredll.lib and Corelibc.lib library files contain the C run-time library functions.

The Microsoft Windows CE operating system run-time library does not support American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C or POSIX.

All run-time library routines included with this product are compatible with the Win32 API. The C run-time libraries support Windows 95 and Windows NT, but not Win32s.

The Microsoft C Run-Time Library for Windows CE supports a subset of functions available in the full Microsoft C Run-Time Library for the desktop. Supporting only a subset of the library enables Windows CE to run on devices that have more limited resources than desktop computers.

The following list shows categories of functions available in the full C Run-time Library that are not supported in Windows CE.

  • Argument access
  • Byte classification for multibyte characters
  • Compare characters
  • Console and port I/O
  • Debugging
  • Directory control
  • Exception handling
  • Execute
  • Exit
  • File handling by path or filename
  • File open, close, and create
  • File pointer positioning
  • File reading and writing
  • Heap
  • Locale
  • Math (long)
  • Memory handler
  • Spawn
  • String error
  • System calls
  • Time formatting
  • Time setting and reporting

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