Document Conventions

The following chart describes the symbols and typefaces that are used in the Windows Automotive Help documentation:

Convention Description
Indicates one of the following:
  • source code
  • structure syntax
  • examples
  • user input
  • output
Bold Indicates one of the following:
  • interface
  • method
  • function
  • structure
  • macro
  • Jscript keyword
  • Jscript class
  • Jscript method
  • Jscript field
  • Jscript property
  • Jscript event
  • Keyword
  • Command line syntax
Italic Indicates placeholders, most often in method or function parameters.

These placeholders indicate information that must be supplied by the implementation or the user.

In command line tools, indicates parameter values.

Also used when a new term is introduced for the first time.

UPPERCASE Indicates flags, constants, return values, window styles, messages, and HTML/XML tags and attributes.
[ ] Indicates optional parameters or optional parameter values.
( ) Indicates one or more parameters that you pass to a function, in syntax.
| Alternatives are separated by a vertical bar.
< > Indicates that the provided variable or argument name is a sample name and must be replaced.

The term flag is used here to describe the type of argument preceded by a dash or hyphen, such as –a.