The following paragraphs provide information on using the tools and utilities provided in the Automotive Adaptation Kit (AAK).

Preparation for Use

The automotive computing device should usually be cold booted before you begin to set up a new tool and run a test. Any previous use or testing of the device could put it into a state that will cause some of the tests to fail. Therefore, if problems are encountered, you may try running the test again after cold booting the device.

Commands should be entered in the dialog located by choosing CE Target Control from the Target menu in Platform Builder, and all outputs go into the Platform Builder debug window. All references to either cesh or the cesh prompt in the documentation are referring to the CE Target Control dialog.

Using the Tools and Utilities

To use a tool or utility, use the following instructions:

  1. Copy the appropriate test tools and binaries from public\apctest\oak\target\ to your \release directory.
  2. Select a tool and follow the provided instructions to run the test.

From a cesh prompt, you must include “s” (for start) before typing the existing command. For example,

s toolname parameters

describes the syntax to execute a tool where “toolname.exe” is the name of the tool and “parameters” are all the command line parameters it requires. For additional information, see Document Conventions.

You may need to copy additional files to your release directory in order to run some of the tests. The necessary instructions can be located in the associated test topic.