For Application Developers

As an application developer for Windows Automotive version 4.2, you will be writing custom ActiveX controls to be integrated with a skin resource.

Helping you out

There is a wealth of information available to developers creating applications for Windows Automotive that can really make your development tasks easier.

Take some time to read through the resources listed in this page, and begin exploring the vast amount of information available.

Starting out

Application developers for Windows Automotive come in a variety of forms, such as navigation application developers, multimedia application developers, and UI application developers.

There is a great deal of information, resources, and training available to get you started. You can get started by exploring the information listed in the following paragraphs.

Online Community

To learn about the resources available to developers writing applications for Windows CE-based devices, read in the Windows CE .NET Help documentation.

Building your skills

As an application developer for Windows Automotive, you will do most of your work in either eMbedded Visual C++ (eVC) 4.0 or Visual Studio 6.0. If you have not worked in these IDEs before, the eMbedded Visual C++ Help file or Visual Studio Help file (which can both be accessed from the Help menu) is a great place to start.

As an application developer for Windows Automotive version 4.2, you should be familiar with the Component Object Model (COM). If you would like to sharpen your programming skills in COM, there are a variety of books on the market for you. To get you started:

  • Programming Microsoft Visual C++, 5th Edition, Microsoft Press, August 1998. ISBN: 1572318570
  • Learn Visual C++ Now, Microsoft Press, 1996. ISBN: 1556158459
  • Beginning Visual C++ 6, Wrox Press, June 1998. ISBN: 186100088X
  • Essential COM, Addison Wesley Longman, Inc., December 1997. ISBN: 0201634465
  • Inside COM, Microsoft Press, December 1996. ISBN: 1572313498