Welcome to Windows Automotive

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Welcome to Windows Automotive

Windows Automotive version 4.2 is a development platform used by automotive suppliers to build and deliver products and services that enable car manufacturers to provide in–car computing systems to automobile drivers.

Overview of Windows Automotive

Using both Windows Automotive and Platform Builder, an automotive supplier can build a platform for a target hardware device by selecting the components that the supplier would like to include in the platform, building the platform, and then downloading the platform to the target device.

Then application developers can create software applications and services for the automotive computing device, and automobile drivers can use these applications and services while driving in their car.

Windows Automotive is based on Windows CE .NET and includes additional modules and components to support features applicable in a car environment.

Help Documentation

The Windows Automotive Help documentation provides detailed information intended to support development activities in Platform Builder and eMbedded Visual C++ (eVC).

The Windows Automotive Help documentation provides detailed information on the following:

  • – introduces you to the architecture and powerful features provided in Windows Automotive version 4.2 and provides detailed information on testing.

Useful Links

To find information about platform development tasks, go to For Platform Developers.

To find information about application development, go to For Application Developers.

For information on Windows Automotive features, go to Automotive Features.

For a list of various Windows CE .NET features that are used with Windows Automotive, go to Windows CE .NET and Windows Automotive.