Using the PB Catalog with Windows Automotive

The Catalog is a feature in Platform Builder (PB) that allows a platform developer to select which features to include in an automotive platform.

With Windows Automotive, the Catalog includes additional features used with an automotive platform. These features are added to the Catalog when the AAK is installed. The BSPs that are added to the Catalog depend on the processors that were selected when Platform Builder was installed.

Extending the Catalog

The Catalog is extensible, allowing you to add custom features or import features created by third parties. Also, new catalogs with customized sets of features may be imported from third parties.

For more information, go to Catalog Customization in the PB Help documentation.

Working with the Catalog

A platform developer can work with features in the Catalog by selecting the appropriate feature and dragging it to FeatureView, or by choosing Add to Platform from the shortcut menu.

For more information, go to Feature Additions to a Platform and Adding a Feature from the Catalog in the PB Help documentation.

Typically, a platform developer will create a platform using the New Platform Wizard, and then drag features from the Catalog to FeatureView.

New Platform Wizard

The New Platform Wizard is used to create a base automotive platform. The automotive-specific catalog entries described in this section appear as options in the New Platform Wizard. For additional information on the New Platform Wizard, see Platform Creation with the New Platform Wizard in the PB Help documentation.

NOTE   Many of the automotive-specific catalog entries are options in the New Platform Wizard, but not all of them are in there. You may also need to use the FeatureView window to create a complete automotive platform.

Feature Dependencies

A dependency occurs when one or more features in a configuration require one or more other features in order to work correctly.

When you use the New Platform Wizard to select a feature for a platform, any features that the selected feature is dependent on are also included in the platform. When you use PB to drag a component into a wizard–generated platform, any features that the component is dependent on are also selected and included in the platform.

Catalog Features

The PB Catalog consists of a list of catalog options for creating an automotive platform.

The items in the Catalog represent the technologies that you can select when designing your platform. These technologies are organized and displayed as features.

The AAK installs automotive-specific features in the PB Catalog belonging to the following categories:

For complete documentation on all the Catalog categories in Windows CE .NET, go to Catalog Features in the PB Help documentation.