Installing Microsoft Windows 2000

Install a version of the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server or Advanced Server OS. Use the following table as a guide for the Windows components you should enable and disable — depending upon the type of server appliance you are building — during the installation process.

Component Subcomponent Network Attached Storage (NAS) suggested setting Web server appliance suggested setting Custom server appliance suggested setting Notes
Accessories and utilities Accessibility wizard N N N  
  Accessories N N N  
  Communication Y N N  
  Games N N N  
  Multimedia N N N  
Certificate services Certification Authority (CA) N N N  
  Certificate services Web enrollment support N N N  
Cluster services   See Note N N If clustering of multiple appliances is supported then select this component. Applies to Advanced Server and Windows Powered only.
Indexing services   Y Y Y  
Internet Information Services (IIS) Common files Y Y Y  
  Documentation Y Y Y  
  File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server Y Y Y  
  Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 extensions N Y Y  
  IIS plug-in Y Y Y  
  Internet Services Manager Y N N  
  NNTP service N N N  
  SMTP service Y Y Y Required for the e-mail alert feature.
  Visual RAD InterDev Remote Deployment Support N Y Y  
  World Wide Web server Y Y Y  
Management monitoring tool Connection manager components N Y N  
  Network monitor tools N Y N  
  SMNP N N N  
Message Queuing services   N N N  
Networking services Com Internet proxy N N N  
  Domain Name System (DNS) N N N  
  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) N N N  
  Microsoft Windows 2000 quality of service admission control service N N N  
  Simple TCP/IP services N N N  
  Site server Internet Locator Service (ILS) services N N N  
  Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) N N N  
Other network and file services File services for Mac–only if sharing to Mac clients Y N N  
  Print services for Mac N N N  
  Print services for UNIX N N N  
Remote installation services   N N N  
Remote storage   N N N  
Script debugger   N N N  
Terminal services Client creator files N Y N  
  Enable terminal services Y Y Y When prompted to select either Administration Mode or Application Mode when enabling this feature, select Administration Mode.
Terminal services licensing   N N N  
Windows media services   N N N  
Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1   Y Y Y Recommended for optimum performance of local UI.

For information about installing the support tools, see the sreadme.doc in the \support\tools directory of the Windows 2000 CD. The Support Tools Deployment Planning Guide has information about the installation options for Windows 2000.

For development, the server appliance hardware can include a CD drive, keyboard, mouse, and display. This hardware allows the OS to be installed by booting the appliance with the OS in the CD drive, and following the Setup Wizard.

To change one or more of the settings, modify the unattend.txt. Refer to the samples found under \support\tools\