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Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows devices, within a 10-meter proximity, to communicate with each other. The discovery process enables devices to query other devices about the services they offer. If a device offers more than one service, the user can select the service they want to use from that particular device.

Note   The range varies depending on the signal strength of the device.

In This Section

Bluetooth Components
Provides information about the Bluetooth libraries and headers that are included in the Windows Mobile SDK.
Bluetooth Application Development for Windows Mobile-based Devices
Provides information about creating Bluetooth applications by using Winsock interfaces.
Bluetooth Samples
Describes sample code that provides a base for implementing the Bluetooth technology.
Bluetooth Reference
Provides reference information about the programming elements that are available for use in Windows Mobile-based applications.

Related Sections

Contains links to various networking technologies that ship with the Windows Mobile SDK.

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