Recognizer APIs

Recognizer APIs

Describes the function of various recognizer handles.

The following recognizer handles:

  • Determine which recognizers are available on the computer.
  • Identify which recognizer to use.
  • Create a recognizer context.
  • Retrieve recognizer results and alternates.

Recognizer handleDescription
HRECOALT HandleRetrieves the alternate string and property values, such as confidence level and metrics.
HRECOCONTEXTAdds ink to the context, performs ink recognition (synchronously or asynchronously), and retrieves the recognition result and alternates.
HRECOGNIZER HandleCreates a recognizer context, retrieves its attributes and properties, and determines which packet properties the recognizer needs to perform recognition.
HRECOWORDLIST HandleManages a word list that you attach to a recognizer context. This list improves the recognition results.

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