Document Conventions

Document Conventions

Description of document conventions.

This document describes the document conventions used by the Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition Software Development Kit (SDK).

The Tablet PC SDK documentation follows the usual Microsoft Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) document conventions.

Sample code may omit normal error-handling code. This code has been removed only to make the samples more readable. You should include all appropriate error-handling code in your own applications.

How the Tablet PC SDK Documentation Is Organized

The documentation is organized into three sections: Getting Started, Planning Your Application, and Tablet PC Platform.

The Getting Started section contains fundamental information that all Windows application programmers should be familiar with to develop with the Tablet PC SDK.

The Planning Your Application section contains application and user experience guidelines and recommendations for developing Tablet PC applications.

The Tablet PC Platform section describes platform concepts, using these concepts in your application, and application programming interface (API) information for reference use.