Windows CE .NET Driver Development

Windows CE .NET

Luke Bayler
Microsoft Corporation

Updated April 2002

Applies to:
    Developers creating drivers for Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET platforms


Driver development has been significantly improved in Windows CE .NET. A consistent and clean driver architecture has been implemented, allowing for faster driver development, debugging and implementation. Microsoft Platform Builder version 4.0 now includes the Windows CE Test Kit (CETK), which provides tests for each class of devices.

Driver developers can now integrate a custom driver into the Platform Builder Catalog. This allows any developer to import the custom driver into their own Catalog and easily add custom drivers to a Windows CE .NET platform. Custom drivers can be exported for use in other Windows CE .NET platforms. For more information about developing drivers for Windows CE .NET platforms, see Device Driver Development in the product documentation.

Additional drivers have been provided for many new chipsets and for new device classes. Many platform independent drivers have been added to Windows CE .NET and the included drivers are now tested across all microprocessor architectures and all sample platforms. For more information about the drivers that are shipped in Windows CE .NET, see Drivers Included with Windows CE .NET in the product documentation.