InkEdit.WndProc Method

InkEdit.WndProc Method

Processes messages.

This member overrides the System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc Leave Site method.


Visual Basic .NET Overrides Protected Sub WndProc( _
ByRef m As Message _
C# protected override void WndProc(
ref Message m
Managed C++ protected: void WndProc(
Message **m


m System.Windows.Forms.Message. The Message Leave Site to process.


All messages are sent to the WndProc method after getting filtered through the System.Windows.Forms.Control.PreProcessMessage Leave Site method.

The WndProc method corresponds exactly to the Windows WindowProc Function Leave Site function. For more information about processing Windows messages, see the WindowProc Function Leave Site function documentation in the Windows Platform SDK reference located in the MSDN Library.

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