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InkEdit.SelInks Property

InkEdit.SelInks Property

Gets or sets the array of embedded Ink objects (if displayed as ink) in the current selection.


Visual Basic .NET Public Property SelInks As Ink()
C# public Ink[] SelInks { get; set; }
Managed C++ public: __property Ink* get_SelInks();
public: __property void set_SelInks(Ink*);

Property Value

Microsoft.Ink.Ink[]. The embedded Ink objects (if displayed as ink) in the current selection.

This property is read/write. This property has no default value.


Ink is displayed as ink in the InkEdit control if the InkInsertMode property is set to InsertAsInk

You must recognize ink before you access it through this property. If you do not recognize the ink, the SelInks property contains zero Ink objects. You must either call the Recognize method (if the RecoTimeout value equals 0) or wait until the ink is automatically recognized (when the RecoTimeout value is greater than 0) to access it through this property.

The InkEdit control ignores any DrawingAttributes on ink set through the SelInks property. Instead, it applies alternate drawing attributes according to the attributes of nearby text.

This property is available at run time only.

To select the ink, use the Select (Int32, Int32) Leave Site method.

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