InkOverlay.SetAllTabletsMode Method

InkOverlay.SetAllTabletsMode Method

Sets the InkOverlay object to collect ink from any tablet attached to the Tablet PC.

Overload List

public void SetAllTabletsMode()
public void SetAllTabletsMode(Boolean)


This is the default mode for an InkOverlay object. To allow the InkOverlay object to collect ink from only one tablet, call the SetSingleTabletIntegratedMode method.

Note: The InkOverlay object must be disabled before calling this method. To disable the InkOverlay object, set the Enabled property to false. After calling the SetAllTabletsMode method, enable the InkOverlay object by setting the Enabled property to true.

When an InkOverlay object switches from collecting ink by using a single tablet to collecting ink by using all tablets, the Cursors property is set to the empty collection.


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