Installing the ISA Server Software Development Kit

Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004/2006 SDK

The current version of the ISA Server Software Development Kit (SDK), including this documentation, is available for downloading. For more information, see the ISA Server Downloads Web site.

The SDK for ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition is provided on the CD and provides an installation script that copies the source folder and subfolders containing the SDK files to the target folder of your choice, creating any required subfolders under the target folder.

The script file is called Install.cmd, and it is located in the SDK folder on the ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition CD.

To run the script, enter the following at a command prompt:

install source destination

Here source is the path to the script on the ISA Server CD, and destination is the folder where you want to install the SDK.

In addition to running this script, you also need ISA Server Management installed on the computer to use the administration COM objects in the ISA Server SDK.

Note  The installation script is designed to be executed by Cmd.exe. It may not run correctly under other command processors. Therefore, if you are using another command processor, enter the following command:

cmd /c  path \install.cmd