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SystemGesture Enumeration

SystemGesture Enumeration

Defines values that set the interest in a set of operating system-specific gestures. The Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition operating system supports these gestures by default. When any of these gestures are recognized, the SystemGesture, SystemGesture, or SystemGesture event fires automatically. Many of these gestures map to traditional mouse events. For instance, the Tap system gesture mimics a single left-click on a mouse.


Visual Basic .NET Public Enum SystemGesture
C# public enum SystemGesture
Managed C++ __value public enum SystemGesture


Constant Name Description
Tap Maps to a left-click on a mouse. This can be used to choose a command from the menu or toolbar, take action if a command is chosen, set an insertion point, or show selection feedback.
DoubleTap Maps to a double-click on a mouse. This can be used to select a word or open a file or folder.
RightTap Maps to a right-click on a mouse. This can be used to show a shortcut menu.
Drag Maps to a left drag on a mouse. This can be used to drag-select (such as in Microsoft® Word when starting with an insertion point), select multiple words, drag (such as when dragging an object in Microsoft® Windows®), or scroll.
RightDrag Specifies a press and hold followed by a stroke, which maps to a right drag on a mouse. This can be used to drag (such as when dragging an object or selection followed by a shortcut menu).
HoldEnter Specifies a left click for a long time, which has no mouse equivalent. This is a fallback for when a user continues a press-and-hold action for a long time and the event reverts to a Tap.
HoldLeave Not implemented.
HoverEnter Maps to a mouse hover. This can be used to show a ToolTip, roll-over effects, or other mouse hover behaviors.
HoverLeave Maps to a mouse leaving a hover. This can be used to end ToolTip roll-over effects or other mouse hover behaviors.


A system gesture is different from an application gesture. Application gestures are defined in the ApplicationGesture enumeration type.

For more information about system gestures, see Making Windows Work with a Pen.

Enumeration Information

Namespace Microsoft.Ink
Assembly Microsoft.Ink (microsoft.ink.dll)
Strong Name Microsoft.Ink, Version=1.7.4009.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a2870d9cc4d021c8

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