Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004/2006 SDK

The FPCVendorParametersSet object holds a private set of configuration data that a third party can associate with an extensible object. All ISA Server COM objects that have a VendorParametersSets property are extensible. This property retrieves an FPCVendorParametersSets collection that holds a group of FPCVendorParametersSet objects.

Each FPCVendorParametersSet object is identified by a globally unique identifier (GUID) that is provided to the Add method of its FPCVendorParametersSets collection when a new set is created.

The FPCVendorParametersSet object stores data that is defined as {name, value} pairs by using the Value property. The following example stores a parameter named x having a value of 1:

Dim vpSet As FPCVendorParametersSet
vpSet.Value("x") = 1

The expression "Value("x")" returns the value of the parameter x.

When FPCVendorParametersSet objects are used, a third party can take advantage of the configuration storage capabilities of ISA Server. The third-party data in an FPCVendorParametersSet object can be written to persistent storage by calling its Save method, the Save method of its FPCVendorParametersSets collection, the Save method of the object being extended, or the Save method of any object that contains the object being extended. Similarly, the stored values of the third-party data can be read from persistent storage by calling its Refresh method, the Refresh method of the FPCVendorParametersSets collection, the Refresh method of the object being extended, or the Refresh method of any object that contains the object being extended.

The FPCVendorParametersSet object is created as an element of an FPCVendorParametersSets collection.

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For examples of how vendor parameters sets are used to configure add-ins, see Configuring Add-ins.


The FPCVendorParametersSet object defines the following methods.

Method Description
CancelWaitForChanges Cancels the registration established by the WaitForChanges method (for use in C and C++ programming only).
Refresh Reads the object's data from persistent storage, overwriting any changes that were not saved.
RemoveValue Removes the specified value from the set.
Save Writes the current values of all of the object's properties to persistent storage.
WaitForChanges Registers to wait for an event indicating that the contents of the object have changed (for use in C and C++ programming only).


The FPCVendorParametersSet object has the following properties.

Property Description
AllNames Gets the names of all the parameters in the set.
Name Gets or sets the string-formatted globally unique identifier (GUID) of the parameters set.
Value Gets or sets the value associated with the parameter name supplied.

Interfaces for C++ Programming

This object implements the IFPCVendorParametersSet interface.


Client Requires Windows XP.
Server Requires Windows Server 2003. Requires Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 for ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition.
Version Requires Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 or ISA Server 2004.

Declared in Msfpccom.idl.

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