IStylusAsyncPlugin.SystemGesture Method

IStylusAsyncPlugin.SystemGesture Method

Notification occurs when a system gesture is received.


Visual Basic .NET Public Sub SystemGesture( _
ByVal sender As RealTimeStylus, _
ByVal data As SystemGestureData _
C# public void SystemGesture(
RealTimeStylus sender,
SystemGestureData data
Managed C++ public: void SystemGesture(
RealTimeStylus *sender,
SystemGestureData *data


sender Microsoft.StylusInput.RealTimeStylus. The RealTimeStylus that sent the notification.
data Microsoft.StylusInput.PluginData.SystemGestureData. Provides access to information about the system gesture.



This C# example implements the SystemGesture method. It notifies the developer when a system gesture occurs.

public void SystemGesture(RealTimeStylus sender, SystemGestureData data)
    Debug.Assert(false, "SystemGesture", "Received the "
                 + data.Id.ToString() + " system gesture.");

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