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IStylusAsyncPlugin.StylusInRange Method

IStylusAsyncPlugin.StylusInRange Method

Informs the implementing plug-in that the tablet pen is entering the input area of the RealTimeStylus object or entering the detection range of the digitizer above the input area of the RealTimeStylus object.


Visual Basic .NET Public Sub StylusInRange( _
ByVal sender As RealTimeStylus, _
ByVal data As StylusInRangeData _
C# public void StylusInRange(
RealTimeStylus sender,
StylusInRangeData data
Managed C++ public: void StylusInRange(
RealTimeStylus *sender,
StylusInRangeData *data


sender Microsoft.StylusInput.RealTimeStylus. The RealTimeStylus that sent the notification.
data Microsoft.StylusInput.PluginData.StylusInRangeData.



This C# example implements the StylusInRange method. It notifies the developer when a stylus has come within the range detected by the tablet digitizer.

public void StylusInRange(RealTimeStylus sender, StylusInRangeData data)
    Debug.Assert(false, "StylusInRange", "The stylus with ID number "
                 + data.Stylus.Id.ToString() + " has come in of range of the tablet.");

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