Busy Property

Busy Property

Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the PenInputPanel object is currently processing ink.



[propget] HRESULT Busy (
    [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *Busy);

[Microsoft® Visual Basic® 6.0]

Public Property Get Busy() as Boolean

Property Value

VARIANT_BOOL Whether the PenInputPanel object is currently processing ink.

This property is read-only.

Return Value

HRESULT valueDescription
E_FAILAn unspecified error occurred.


The Busy property returns TRUE if the PenInputPanel object is currently processing ink; otherwise FALSE.


[Visual Basic 6.0]

This Visual Basic 6.0 example shows a button click event handler for a form that has a PenInputPanel object attached to one of its controls. Before processing the button click, the handler checks to see if the PenInputPanel is busy processing ink. If so, it calls the CommitPendingInput method to force the PenInputPanel to complete its processing before proceeding.

Private Sub Button1_Click()
    ' If the PenInputPanel is still processing ink...
    If thePenInputPanel.Busy Then
        ' Force the PenInputPanel to commit user input
    End If

    ' Process the button click

End Sub

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