IInkTablet Interface

IInkTablet Interface

Represents the digitizer device of Tablet PC that receives tablet device messages or events.


TabletHardwareCapabilitiesDefines values that specify the hardware capabilities of a Tablet PC.
TabletPropertyMetricUnitDefines values that indicate the unit of measurement of a property.

GetPropertyMetricsReturns the metrics data for a known property.
IsPacketPropertySupportedDetermines whether a property of a tablet device, identified with a globally unique identifier (GUID), is supported.

HardwareCapabilitiesGets a value from the TabletHardwareCapabilities enumeration that defines the hardware capabilities of the IInkTablet object.
MaximumInputRectangleGets the maximum input rectangle, in tablet device coordinates, that the IInkTablet object supports.
NameGets the name of the IInkTablet object.
PlugAndPlayIDGets a string representation of the Plug and Play identifier of the IInkTablet object.


You can use the IInkTablet object to determine the hardware capabilities of the tablet device. A Tablet PC may have more than one digitizer attached in addition to the built-in digitizer.

IInkTablet objects work closely ink collector objects. An ink collector (InkCollector, InkOverlay, or InkPicture) can be set to one of two tablet-related modes:

  • All tablets mode
  • Single tablet integrated mode

The default mode is all tablets mode (set with the SetAllTabletsMode method of the ink collector). This mode integrates all tablet devices if multiple devices are attached to the Tablet PC. Because all of the tablets are integrated, available cursors can be used on any of the tablet devices, and each tablet maps to the entire screen. This allows automatic updating of the windows.

COM Implementation

This object implements the IInkTablet COM interface.

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